Quality and Environmental Policy Statement


It is the policy of “P. Pritchard Sheet Metal Ltd” for its operational scope within the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for “Precision CNC sheet metal work, laser cutting & non-structual welded fabrications.”

To identify and act to prevent quality and environmental issues from the company’s operations, while simultaneously maintaining sensitivity to the full range of customer expectations.
Both quality and the environment are defined operationally as “compliance with processes, procedures, legal, regulatory, customer requirement and the prevention of pollution”

The Quality and Environmental Policy Statement shall be communicated to all staff during induction training and at other training sessions as appropriate and to the public via display within publicly accessible areas.



“P. Pritchard Sheet Metal Ltd.” will provide a work environment that encourages all staff involvement and their active participation in the process of continual quality improvement. The desirability and competitive necessity of becoming a competitive producer inspires this policy. The organisation has specific objectives for:

– Establishing a practice and culture of continual improvement.

– Maintaining a process of developing and communicating requirements for improvement by setting operational objectives and reviewing progress via the management review process.

– Ensuring that all processes conform to internal and external requirements, customer contracts and appropriate standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.

– Minimise operating and overhead costs through the use of quality and environmental awareness.

– Ensuring that quality objectives for all of “P. Pritchard Sheet Metal Ltd.” activities are consistent with product quality, environmental and health and safety requirements.
Continually review new methods, tools and concepts for the business.
Promote awareness of quality and the environment to every employee through training and education. Communication, display of company policies and procedures.


Each person, regardless of position or job assignment, is responsible for:

Understanding the requirements for specific quality and environmental processes.
Meeting these requirements, or causing work processes, methods and systems to be changed so that the requirements can be met.

Approved by: S Davies  July 2018